Elevate your Products with Our Range of Offerings
Discover a diverse range of industry-leading products designed to stand the test of time and meet the demands of various sectors:

Colorants and Coatings for Artificial Leather: We supply colorants and coatings that enhance artificial leather used in automotive, marine, hospitality, decking, wall covering, tractor seats, bus seating, ATV/motorcycle seating, hospitals, and more. Our products are engineered for superior performance, including stain resistance, UV protection, and abrasion resistance. The Double Polished Clear Coating has been on the market for over 15 years, exhibits excellent optical properties, and will not haze, yellow, or fog over time. The high abrasion resistance, coupled with heat and light stability, make the Double Polished Clear Coating will-suited for applications on boats, automobiles, and convertible windows.

Coatings for Woven Products: Our coatings for fiberglass and polyester fibers with plastisol-based colorants, as well as UV curable colorants, are trusted by manufacturers across industries. We ensure your woven products meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Innovative Formulations: Explore our innovative solutions, including water-based stain-resistant topcoats, solvent-based options for ambient curing, hi-tack coatings for specialized applications, and more. Our products are engineered to excel in various conditions and applications. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your products maintain their pristine appearance, even in demanding environments.

Our stain-resistant topcoats are engineered to repel even the toughest stains, including permanent markers, coffee, denim, betadine, blood, urine, mustard, wine, and more. Our Stain Resistant topcoats meet the General Motors and Ford specifications for: cleanability, passing blue jean and coffee stain tests with both removed with soap and water; flexibility, passing a 400,000 Bally flex test; and abrasion, passing 280,000 Wyzenbeeks.

Our PU topcoats have been in automotive interiors for over a decade, providing low level gloss with no burnishing while maintaining required haptics for automotive, including passing the “squeak test.” Out PU topcoats pass all other abrasions, elongation, and light/heat stability tests required. These PU topcoats have also been used in the upholstery industry for leather matching.

Our PVC, PVC/acrylic, and PU primer/barrier coat/correction coats have been used in automotive applications for decades. These coatings provide excellent properties to the finished product, including adhesion, barrier, stretch and light/heat stability. Many of the major USA automotive PVC suppliers have used our primers, coatings, and inks for color correction. We also supply a line of automotive-grade inks, both as individual colors and in color matches. The same pigments present in our automotive-grade plasticized pigment dispersions are used in the inks, eliminating metamerism in the finished product.

Top-of-the-line QC and color control testing include a SAUERESSIG laboratory proffer, Bally Flex, Martindale, Taber, Wyzenbeek, K-Coater, state-of-the-are Microscopes, and more.

Bio-Based and Environmentally Friendly Formulations: We are leading the way in sustainability with our bio-based, water-based products. Our bio-based formulations are environmentally friendly while maintaining the high-performance standards you expect from X-Treme.

Cool Colors: Keep your products cool even in the scorching summer heat with our “Cool Colors.” Ideal for outdoor furniture, marine seating, woven window treatments, motorcycle seats, and more, these colors are engineered to offer superior reflectance and can keep dark colors up to 30°F cooler than carbon black alternatives.

UV-Curable Solutions: Our UV-curable formulations offer fast curing, flexibility, excellent weathering, abrasion resistance, and stain resistance. We provide total formulations with resin, photo initiator, and colorant – all in one.

Master Batch Color Matching: Color is a language of its own, and we understand its importance in your products. That’s why we offer precise color matching services, both in liquid and solid pelletized forms. Whether you need liquid color matches for plastisol or solid pelletized color matches for calendar and extruder applications, our expertise ensures you get the perfect color every time, with precision across various applications.