X-Treme is ISO9001:2015 certified to warehouse & distribute liquid colors and coatings, as well as commodity items such as plasticizers, resins and packaging supplies.  X-Treme is currently working towards TS Certification by year 2020.  With state of the art technology and equipment and key personnel with up to 45 years of technical experience, we are positioned to serve all our customers technical needs.

We currently offer the leading anti-graffiti products (see Stain Resistant Topcoats or SRT) in the world.  We offer our SRT systems in both solvent based and water based systems.  Most of our water based products are 100% solvent free and contain no NMP, making us a leader in green, environmentally friendly coatings.

Technical Date Sheets (TDS), Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Processing Conditions are all made available on our Products Page.

We also offer industry leading topcoats in both solvent and water that are very dull (under 1.0 Gloss on black) with NO BURNISHING.  Our line of Non-Burnishing Topcoats feature excellent physical properties, passing requirements for automotive & non-automotive applications, both domestically and internationally.

X-Treme also offers plasticized pigment dispersions in various plasticizers available both as individual colors and as masterbatches in sizes ranging from 50 lbs. to 15,000 lbs. of the same batch.  These pigment dispersions were supplied to SAI for 10 years with 100% of their color matched masterbatches for automotive & non-automotive, receiving 100% Quality ratings on more than 150 products supplied.

We also supply solvent based & water based inks – both individual pigment dispersions and color matched masterbatches – for automotive & non-automotive application.  X-Treme also offers the world’s leading Cool Color Technology available in plasticized pigment dispersions as well as solvent based and water based inks, in individual colors as well as color matched masterbatches.

Product information is available on our website.

For any additional questions or sample requests, please see our Contact Us page.

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